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Accountable Kids was created, not because Scott and Traci had all the answers, but because they had many of the same questions as other parents. They began searching for a program to teach their own children accountability, responsibility, and integrity.  The typical chore charts they tried lacked depth and breadth.  Their children quickly outgrew or tired of the chore charts they were introduced to and the entire family was struggling to find a system that helped everyone work together as a team.  So Scott and Traci decided to unite their efforts and design a unique program for their children that would teach accountability and responsibility in a fun, new way.

Accountable Kids represents the combined knowledge of Scott's fifteen years working with adolescents and a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, along with Traci's practicality and insight as a mother of three children.

After developing the Accountable Kids program for their own family they received numerous requests for this new and innovative program.  Accountable Kids quickly became the solution other parents were seeking.

Accountable Kids has gained nationwide recognition, receiving recommendations by counselors, social workers, educators, pediatricians and professionals such as Dr. Laura Schlessinger and Dr. Stephen Covey.   Accountable Kids has grown over the years so you may not see Scott and & Traci traveling around in their RV full time.  They now work with a qualified team that helps them continue to share Accountable Kids in new and exciting ways.  Scott and Traci will be the first to tell you that the parenting principles behind Accountable Kids are not new, but the tools are revolutionary in helping parents and grandparent teach life lessons at home.

Scott and Traci are proud to be part of a business that is helping families around the globe.  Over the years, they continue to have one simple philosophy: to strengthen families by providing fun, hands-on tools that help parents teach accountability, responsibility, and character development in the home.  Hope you enjoy using Accountable Kids in your home!

God Bless,
Scott & Traci Heaton



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A unique parenting program developing:

» Values
» Virtues
» Respect
» Integrity
» Direction
» Motivation
» Confidence
» Self-control
» Self-discipline
» Empowerment
» Responsibility
» Accountability