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A unique parenting program developing:

» Values
» Virtues
» Respect
» Integrity
» Direction
» Motivation
» Confidence
» Self-control
» Self-discipline
» Empowerment
» Responsibility
» Accountability

Friends and Family Orders

The following are the most frequently asked questions regarding our Friends and Family Group Order. If you have specific questions please feel free to contact Accountable Kids.

Q: What are the steps to placing a Friends and Family Group Order?
A:  First browse through our web site so you are familiar with the Accountable Kids program. Share Accountable Kids with your friends and family and encourage everyone to visit the Accountable Kids website.  The Quick-Start DVD is now available on the home page for easy viewing so don't forget to suggest watching this visual overview.  Our website is full of information that will help others learn about Accountable Kids and make placing a group order fun and easy.  Then just set a date place your order so your friends and family know when the deadline is to get in on the great deal.  Finally, place your order by fax or phone.  A representative will contact you within 24 hours to verify your order.

Q: What is needed to qualify for a Friends and Family Group Order?
A: Your order must include at least 20 Accountable Kids Kits, must be shipped to one location, and use one form of payment.

Q: Are the hostess rewards shared between all the people who order?
A: We recommend the hostess rewards go to the person who coordinates the order. Typically this is the person who places the order, pays for the order, and arranges for items to be picked up. The hostess rewards are our way of saying thank you to the person who shares her time and resources with family and friends.

Q: Is it necessary to have twenty families interested to place this order?
A: No.  Most orders will come from a group of only about 10 parents.  You only need to have a total of 20 kits or more in your order, not 20 people.

Q: Is there a minimum number of books or other products required for this order?
A: No, you can order any number of books and include any additional accessories. 

Q: Does each family really need the book?
A: The book is very important to the success of the program and can be purchased for only $10 when you place a Friends and Family Group order. It is important to overemphasize the importance for each family to have their own book. The book provides the step-by-step instructions on how to use the Accountable Kids program. We have found that the success rate of the Accountable Kids program is directly related to the reading and following the four steps outlined in the book. Accountable Kids is more than a chore chart. There are several components to the program that are best understood through reading the book. The book contains valuable information such as; a complete four step outline for implementing the Accountable Kids program, information on how to customize the program for the developmental stage of your child, a fast track to Accountable Kids, forms that can help kids and parents plan out the program, and stories and examples of how to customize the program. Most parents who do not purchase a book find that they use only the "chore chart" components and do not benefit from the tools that teach life skills, money management, positive discipline, and character development. You will find the book to be a resource that is used over and over again as your child grows and is ready for the next step of accountability.

Q: If a family does not purchase the book is there another way to learn how to use the Accountable Kids program.
A: We want your friends and family to be successful in using the Accountable Kids program, so if someone purchases a kit, but decides not to purchase the book, we will send you a link to a website where the Quick-Start DVD can be viewed and a PDF version of the book can be printed out.  Most parents agree that the $10 for the Accountable Kids book is still less than the price of paper and ink used in printing out the entire book.  We highly recommend that you advise your Friends and Family to purchase a book when placing their order.

Q: How can I view the Quick-Start video?
A: The Quick-Start video is now available online for easy viewing on the Accountable Kids website. The book provides a quick reference link that can be used to download and view the Accountable Kids Quick-Start video.

Q: What is the best way to present the Accountable Kids program to a group?
A: Hosting a party can be a fun way to introduce Accountable Kids to your friends and family. You can watch the 12 minute Quick-Start DVD and demonstrate how the program works.  If you let us know the time and date of your event, we can be available to answer any questions that might come up during your gathering.  We can also send you initiations to send out for your gathering. 

Q: Is it possible to receive a Quick-Start DVD before placing a group order?
A: Quick-Start DVD is now available to watch instantly on our home page.

Q: Can the boards be customized with children's names?
A: Yes, you can add name engraving for an additional $9 per kit. Customizing the boards will not extend the shipping time. Just add this to the order form and specify the spelling of the children's names.

Q: What is included in the $20.00 kit offered in the Friends and Family Group Order?
A: The Accountable Kids online store offers several ways to purchase the Accountable Kids kit. Customers can purchase the Basic Start-up Package which includes a book and kit for $45 or they can they can order an individual child kit for $29.98. The Friends and Family group order offers the kits for $20 when 20 or more kits are purchased. Each kit contains; one progress board and over 80 different cards, tickets, and passes.

Q: Can you order one of the Start-up Packages with the group order?
A: When placing a Friends and Family Group Order, the items in the Start-up Package are offered separately at a reduce cost.  The group order allows customers to purchase the book for $10 and all the kits for $20.   When placing a Friends and Family order the hostess is encouraged to recommend that parents purchase one book per home and one kit per child. 

Q: Are other products discounted in a Friends and Family Group order?
A: Yes. The books and Family Forum boards are also discounted.

Q: Can other products be added to the Friends and Family Group order?
A: Yes, you can add any products that are listed on the Accountable Kids website.

Q: Is sales tax charged added to Friends and Family Group Orders?
A: There is no sales tax on Friends and Family Group Orders unless the order is being shipped to an address in Arizona. 

Q: What is the best way to submit an order?
A: You can call in group orders.

Q: Should the free Family Forum Board and the free Mini Board be added to order form? 
A: Please only list out only the items you which you are submitting payment.  We will automatically add the hostess gifts to the order. 

Q: Will Accountable Kids send verification after receiving a Friends and Family Group Order?
A: Within 24 hours an Accountable Kids representative will contact you to verify your order.

Q: When is the submitted credit card billed?
A: Accountable Kids will bill your credit card when the order is shipped.

Q: What method of payment does Accountable Kids accept?
A: Payment can be submitted by Visa, Master Card, Discover, personal check, or money order. If a personal check is used, the order will not be shipped until funds are verified.

Q: How long does it take to receive a group order?
A: Orders will typically be processed and shipped within 2-3 days.  A UPS tracking number will be sent to the e-mail provided during the ordering process.

Q: What is the shipping rate for a Friends and Family Group Order?
A: Friends and Family orders have a flat shipping rate of $26.50 to all orders shipped within the continental United States. Most hostesses divide the shipping cost between the number of people within the group order which ends up being roughly $2-$3 per per person. Orders shipped to Hawaii, Alaska, or internationally are shipped USPS and may incur additional charges.


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