Questions from parents interested
in the Accountable Kids program.

Q: What do I need to get started?
A: The Accountable Kids basic program provides everything you need for one child. It consists of a book, kit and one hour instructional DVD. The book provides essential parenting principles and step-by-step guidelines to implement the program. The DVD gives parents a visual overview of the entire program and the kit includes a progress board and over 80 different cards, tickets, and passes. We recommend purchasing one book and DVD per home and one kit per child. You can purchase these items individually or as part of a package.

Q: What is the recommended age for the Accountable Kids program?
A:  The program is designed for kids three to fourteen; however, it can be used for younger or older children. In fact, many parents have purchased the kit for themselves to show their children the benefits of the Accountable Kids program.  

Q: After I place my order, how long will it take for my package to be sent?
A: Orders are typically processed and shipped within 2-5 business days from our Arizona shipping office. Customers who provide an e-mail address during the ordering process will receive a UPS tracking number when the order has been shipped. Customizing the kits with your child�s name will not extend the shipping time. Accountable Kids also uses USPS to keep shipping fees low for small packages or packages sent internationally.

Q: What is included in the kit?
A: The Accountable Kids kit includes a natural wood Progress Board, 50 Reminder Cards, 3 blank Reminder Cards, 10 Tickets, 10 Bonus Bucks, 3 Special Date Cards, 4 Best Behavior Cards, 2 Privilege Passes, and 2 sticker sheets.

Q: Why do I need a kit for each child?
A: The Accountable Kids board and cards work as a hands-on day planner for your child. There is something special about having an individual place for your child to take responsibility for chores, record positive behaviors and special dates, and track money management. Individual progress board and cards help shift responsibility from the parent to the child.

Q: Where do you suggest hanging the Progress Boards?
A: Hang your child�s Progress Board in an area that will be seen throughout the day. The family room, kitchen, and hallway are all excellent locations. Avoid hanging the board in your child�s room. If the program is out of sight, it is out of mind. If you have more than one kit, hang them all in one area.

Q: My child is only two years old. How do I know when to start using this program?
A: Learning the different stages of development can be beneficial for all parents. The entire AK program can be started when a child begins to associate actions with consequences. This usually occurs somewhere around three years of age. Parents can utilize parts of the program at a younger age if they want to focus on specific age related attributes or learn more about the development of their child. The AK program is presented in four steps. Each step introduces a new phase until the entire program is incorporated. Young children may stay on the first step for several months. The next step is introduced once a child understands and demonstrates the concepts of the current step.

Q: Is the Accountable Kids program specific to any religion?
A: Although the Accountable Kids program is not specific to any religion, it does provide cards for families to incorporate their individual beliefs. Each set of Reminder Cards has a church, scripture, and prayer card that you can use for your child's daily routine. You can choose to use these cards if it meets the needs of your family. The Accountable Kids program is based on the principle of the law of the harvest; you reap what you sow. The AK program allows your child to experience this principle on a continuing basis through choices and consequences.

Q: Can I use this program for my teenager?
A: It is much easier to implement the AK program when your child is young, but the principles presented in the book are universal to all ages. Many teenagers are amenable to starting the program due to the empowerment it provides. Talk to your teenager and see if they are interested in using the components in the AK kit or if they would rather create agreements and contracts using the forms in the back of the book. We even have some parents who purchase a kit for themselves to show their kids that everyone has responsibilities in the home. Parents using the program have commented that it is just a hand-on day-planner that is fun and interactive.

Q: Is Accountable Kids just for troubled kids?
A: No. The AK program works with all kids. Parents do learn ways to eliminate negative behaviors, but the focus is on encouraging positive behaviors, strengthening relationships, and learning important life skills.

Q: We live in a busy household and our schedule changes from day to day. How can I use a structured program when it is necessary to continually direct my child during an unpredictable day?
A: The AK program provides a way for you to stop dictating every task your child performs. You learn to release control and teach your child to be responsible for his actions and consequences. The AK program does not give you more control over your child, but rather gives your child the ability to make appropriate decisions in order to better control himself. Your child learns to take control of his own life. This program will save you time as your child becomes more accountable and no longer requires your constant direction.

Q: My child has special needs, and I am not certain this program will work for her.
A: This program is easily tailored for a child with special needs. Use the program as outlined for the first four steps. Observe how your child adapts to the program, and then customize it to work with her individual needs.

Q: Does your program offer a way to discipline a child?
A: Yes. The Accountable Kids discipline program provides an avenue to impose negative consequences firmly and compassionately without physical contact or losing control. Parents learn to discipline a child in a manner that is respectful, yet effective. Children learn that negative behaviors result in negative consequences and positive behaviors result in positive consequences. This shifts the responsibility from the parent to the child. A major goal of this program is to change a child�s idea of discipline into self-discipline.

Q: My child is always arguing with me. How do I change her behavior?
A: This is a common problem for parents. The purpose of the AK program is to create an environment where a child learns to make choices and become accountable for those choices. After the program has been established in your home, your child should know exactly what is expected and appropriate on a daily basis. Arguing at this point becomes manipulation. Each time you allow your child to argue, you are encouraging this behavior in the future. Establish firm consequences for such actions, and then be consistent and unwavering. If rules need to be changed, the Family Forum is a good place to talk about it. This way, you are discussing ideas rather than specific problems.

Q: I have several children, but only one child is giving me problems. Can I use the AK program for just one child?
A: Unless your child is too young to use the AK program, include all children. This program is not just for children with problems. It can be beneficial and enjoyable for all children, regardless of their specific needs.

Q: My children fight all the time. How can I get them to get along?
A: Start by taking Tickets every time your children fight. It is possible to change behavior, but it is not easy or immediate. Effective discipline teaches your child that negative behaviors have negative consequences. It is important to teach character traits that develop internal values and integrity.

Q: Isn't this just another chore chart program? Our family has done a chore chart program in the past. The program worked for a few months, but then my children got tired of it.
A: Many parents have been unsuccessful using chore charts, however the AK program is much more than a basic charting system. The AK program presents a program with depth, growth potential, and flexibility that will work with you today and in the future. Most chore charts focus entirely on getting a child to complete chores. The Accountable Kids program implements components in a specific manner that encourages children to display desirable behaviors and eliminate negative behaviors. A specific reinforcement process is used to produce long-term benefits. This program develops work ethics as well as character. It is unique in that it teaches parents and children to become accountable for their actions today and in the future.


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