Quick tips for parents that just purchased
the Accountable Kids program.

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Here are some quick tips to help you get started.

  • Watch the online Quick-Start video with the entire family before starting the Accountable Kids program.  This will help everyone learn about Accountable Kids and build excitement to start using the program.

  • You will want to secure the pegs to the board before hanging or decorating the board.  Place the boards on a flat surface and put wood glue into each hole. The pegs will be more secure if they are put in before they are attached to the wall.  You know you have enough glue if a small amount is pushed out to the surface as you twist in the peg. Wipe the glue off with a damp cloth and allow the pegs to dry overnight. If you only put glue on the peg and then twist the peg in the hole, there will not be enough glue in the bottom to keep the pegs secured for an extended period of time. Avoid hanging anything on the pegs or hanging the boards until the glue is fully dry. After the pegs are secure, you can decorate the boards and hang them on the wall.

  • Encourage your kids to decorate their boards.  If they are involved in the decorating they will have more excitement and ownership.  Many parents like to use stickers to decorate the boards because the boards can be easily removed and re-decorated as kids grow up.  Remember that the program is effective into the teen years so you don't want your child to outgrow permanent decorations.

  • The Accountable Kids Kit will come with supplies to hang the Progress Board on the wall.  First mark the wall where you want the screws to go.  Next, drill a small pre-hole for the drywall anchors.  Lightly tap the drywall anchors into the wall.  Place the board on the wall and screw the board to the wall. Screws should go through the drywall anchors.  Last, lightly push the wooden plugs into the two holes so the screws are covered.  Do not hammer the wooden plugs in or you will have a difficult time ever removing the board from the wall.

  • It is helpful to hang the Progress Board in an area that will be seen during the day. The kitchen, living room, and hallway are all great locations.  We suggest not hanging the Progress Board in a bedroom or on a door.  If you have more than one child, hang all the boards in one location. 

  • The Accountable Kids program is divided into four easy to learn steps.  You don't need to read the entire book to get started.  Once you have learned about step one, you are ready to begin.  Remember to keep it simple and fun in the beginning.  You can always add more as you go along.

  • Each new step introduces components that are essential to the long term success of the program.  You do not need to completely master each level before progressing to the next step.  Keep challenging your children with each new level.  It is only when all four steps are implemented that the Accountable Kids program becomes an entire system.  You do not need to master one step before progressing to the next level.

  • Accountable kids offers a great support system.  You can always call or e-mail Accountable Kids if you have difficulty with any aspect of the program.

  • We encourage you to join our online newsletter and blog.  Achieved newsletters are posted on the home page of the Accountable Kids website.

  • The Accountable Kids website provides resources for you to maximize your efforts in the home.  Visit our website for resources, personal help, and new products.


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