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The Dickerson Family

The Dickerson Family

Hi, I was first introduced to this program at the MOPS Convention in Orlando 2 years ago. At the time my children were too young but my friend and her sister bought the program. After seeing success, she had me read the book. As an educator by profession, I could easily understand the philosophy behind the program. 

Fast forward two years - I am the coordinator of my local MOPS group where my friend shared Accountable Kids in one or our meetings.  I was among the numerous moms who ordered the program.   After hanging the boards and explaining the system to my 3 ½ and my 5 year old, my 5 year old ran over to me hugged me and said I love you - the first time in his lifetime he spontaneously said that to me - I took that as a positive sign. My youngest son has had some anger issues and after talking with a counselor, she suggested a visual system. We implemented the AK program about 3 weeks later. The first week he ripped his cards in half and I had to re-glue his pegs in countless times, but by the end of the week he was complying. It has been a month now and we have seen a remarkable difference in our kids. They are excited to flip their cards and earn their tickets. They just went on their first dates yesterday and are excited to earn the next one. Because we've seen how easy the AK program is and the difference it has made so far, I've been telling everyone about it. My friends suggested I write and tell you of another satisfied parent and family. Looking forward to seeing you again at the MOPS Convention this fall in Nashville!

Up date from the Dickerson’s -  Things are still going very well, some days better than others, but that's expected.  AK is very much a part of our family routine. One night my oldest fell asleep in the car so we just carried him to bed. He woke up a while later realized he was home and came running down the stairs. We told him it was late and to head up back to bed, he anxiously replied, "I can't go to bed. I haven't done my nighttime chores yet."

For our youngest, we've been working on his anger tantrums in conjunction with the privilege pass. We broke his tantrum apart into several actions and have decided to tackle it one piece at a time. For now we are working on not taking/kicking his shoes off, which is usually the first thing he does if we are out somewhere. It's working, not solved or mastered yet, but so improved!

The boys have each earned their first date.  One child went to the park with Daddy and the other went to the library to get his first library card and pick out books with Mommy.  Hopefully they will be earning their second date in the next day or two.  Planning and hoping the boys would earn date number two while we are on vacation, we've offered them special date options to do while we are away from home.
Karen Dickerson
Annapolis, MD

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