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A unique parenting program developing:

» Values
» Virtues
» Respect
» Integrity
» Direction
» Motivation
» Confidence
» Self-control
» Self-discipline
» Empowerment
» Responsibility
» Accountability

Accountable Kids Favorite Things

Each year Accountable Kids travels to numerous conventions, trade-shows, and expos where exceptional products are presented.  We see some amazing items that have helped our family to learn, grow, and have fun.  Now we are pleased to offer our Favorite Things to you with easy links, product descriptions, Accountable Kids testimonials, and discounts.  This is not a paid advertising page!  We hand select our Favorite Things from products we have tried in our own home.  This is just one way of saying thank you for being a great customer!  We hope you enjoy our Favorite Things as much as we have.

The Video Based Art Curriculum for kids.

Atelier by Arts Attack is an entire art curriculum for ages 4-17 on DVD.  The program recently won 1st Place in the 2008 Practical Homeschooling Reader Awards and is a GOLDEN BELL AWARD recipient, which is presented by the California Schools Boards Association.  The DVD format of this program has been designed to make it easy for the homeschool parent to teach a comprehensive, developmental and sequential program based on the principles and elements of art.  Each level includes 18 lessons presented on three DVDs ,  a Great Master’s Art Appreciation Program (10 prints), as well as a Parent's Manual.

AK Testimonial: “If you are looking for an awesome art program then look no further.  Atelier is simply amazing with its individual art lessons that make you feel like you are being privately tutored by a master.  All I have to do is put in the DVD and Atelier does the rest.  My kids are learning so much and expanding their horizons with each lesson.”

Discount: Free Shipping – Coupon Code: akids

Boca Beth

The Boca Beth Program makes it fun and easy to bring Spanish together with English using music and movement. Designed for children ages birth through eight, this mom/teacher-created bilingual product line featuring four sing along CDs (a new Christian one just last year!), DVDs and coloring/activity books will make your second language journey a fun filled family fiesta.

AK Testimonial: “This program combines play with learning using a DVD, eye catching puppet and sing-along songs. It is very easy to use and entertaining for all my kids ages five to nine.”

Discounts: Free Shipping during February plus order online using code "akids" and receive 20% off any CD and DVD and 10% off any Boca Beth Language Learning Set. You can also call 1.877.825.2622 and mention Accountable Kids for the discount. Offer good through February 29, 2008.

 Holy Cow Science - Science in a bag.

Holy Cow Science offers Science Fair Kits and Science in a Bag kits for children in grades 1-12. The Science Fair experiments are meant to take 1-2 weeks and be completed with a display board that tells the story of your experiment. They also work well as a family experiment. The Science In A Bag Kits can be used with 1-4 children and most can be repeated. They are grade flexible, follow the scientific method, and are meant to be FUN and attention getting.

AK Testimonial: “We have been using Holy Cow Science for years now and each experiment is a blast. Each week we select one activity to do. Everything you need is in the bag including the lesson. We have learned about density, reading brail, acids & Bases, and so much more. This is a fun way to bring science into the home without a lot of set up and work.”

Discount: 15% discount off all orders. Orders will need to be called in and mention "akids" for the discount. (901)-568-2360 9am-8pm CST

Lace & Link Lowercase Letters – My Fathers World

Big 4" letters each come in their own linking puzzle frame. Hop, skip, and jump on these durable, washable letters. Lace them to reinforce letter shapes. Includes 10 laces, suggested activity sheet all in a handy plastic tub.

AK Testimonial - “If you are looking to teach your kids about letters, reading, vowels, or consonants, this is a great learning tool. This is one of the first lower case learning aids available. There are many games we play, but our favorite is taking the letters and scattering them around the house. I give them a hint about which letter (or word) I want them to find and off they go. Not only do they learn, they get their energy out while searching for each letter. As they go up and down the stairs and around the house, I can spend one-on-one time helping my oldest with her school work. By the time all the letters are found, they are tired and everyone is happy.”

Discount: The product is sold through a distributor that is already offering the product at a reduced price through the website.

Parking Pal

The Parking Pal is a great aid in keeping your child safer in parking lots. Your child will quickly learn to go to their safe spot the second they step out of your vehicle or upon returning to the vehicle. Specifically designed for children, this colorful magnet placed on the side of your vehicle is sure to be a helpful aid and a big hit with your children.

AK Testimonial: “This is a great aid to teach young kids to stay by the car while loading and unloading in a parking lot. Parking Pal is a colorful magnet that you put on your car. Kids learn to put their hand on the Parking Pal anytime they are beside the car. It is very helpful for little ones that like to run away as soon as they hit the pavement.”

Discount: Free Shipping – Coupon Code: akids

The safe Side

Julie Clark, founder of Baby Einstein and John Walsh, host of America’s Most Wanted, have created The Safe Side to give kids a super-fun way to learn important safety information and to provide parents with simple and engaging ways to discuss both personal safety and internet safety. These award-winning, laugh-out-loud shows teach kids how to avoid dangerous situations both on the street and on the internet. Full of important “Hot Tips”, these videos are presented with humor that will empower kids to make smart decisions. Perfect for elementary school-aged kids.

AK Testimonial: My kids have watched this movie over and over. It is fun and entertaining, but also teaches valuable lessons that have been carefully put together. Now my kids wait for their Safe Side Adult to be there before opening the front door, ask me if someone is a “don’t know”. Safe Side even offers a new DVD on internet safety. We can’t wait to see it! This DVD takes the ambiguity of “don’t talk to strangers” and puts it in a fun, clear, and straight forward manner that kids understand and can apply in their daily lives.

Discount: 15% off all orders. Coupon Code: akids

trevor Romain

The trevor Romain Company offers counselors, teachers, parents, and students award-winning videos and resources addressing social and emotional fitness for kids. Hot topics that are addressed with the company’s videos include bullying, cliques, fear, homework, divorce, health and grief. Each episode combines trevor Romain’s special blend of gentle humor and character-building messages through the adventures of two animated children, Skye and Jack. Original music and fast-paced storylines add to the practical and easy-to-understand advice and solutions for students’ difficult life problems. Special features accompany each DVD, including an interview with trevor Romain, music and karaoke videos, and more. Episodes are available on DVD or VHS. Ages 6 and up.

AK Testimonial: The trevor Romain videos are very entertaining. Our kids have enjoyed watching Skye and Jack tackle life’s problems and it has opened the door for more heartfelt conversations with our kids. We loaned the DVD about divorce to my teenage newphew and his mom said that after watching the movie he finally opened up about how he was feeling and they were able to work through some difficult issues. AK gives trevor Romain a thumbs up!

Discount: 20% off total purchase. Coupon code: akids

Value Game by Games by BEA

Value is an educational bingo math game for children from pre-K to middle school grade levels that involves flash card games. These color-coded player boards come with flashcards, which display basic math problems in 5 vibrant colors. Value provides players with a fun math experience while practicing and strengthening their math skills.

AK Testimonial: “I bought this program a few months ago and we have been loving math ever since. This game is similar to BINGO, but the cards help kids learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, Spanish, counting, and so much more. You purchase the set of cards for the type of learning you desire. My kids are learning new things and we are spending fun time together, what could be better”?

Discount: Free shipping. Orders can be called in to 1(360)432-9075 or faxed into 1(360)426)-4306

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