January 2009
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  • Great Tip: Waking up with a Smile
  • Family of the Month: The Kolby Family
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  • Great Tip: Waking up with a Smile
    waking up

    This tip was shared by Serena from Arizona. She needed a way to help her grumpy daughter wake up and begin the day without a battle. Her solution: Each morning her mother woke her up with a small box of raisins in bed. The delicious treat gave her daughter a small boost of energy and helped her wake up on her own time. Now when her daughter comes down for breakfast she is dressed, happy, and ready for the day.

    Great Tip Serena!! My daughters love the raisins in bed and they don't make a mess either. My girls nibble on their treat until they are awake and ready to get dressed. Waking up with the gift of raisins in bed has brought a smile to everyone's face.

    Family of the Month: The Kolby Family

    I have often stated that if I were to author a book, "Confessions of a Control Freak", that would be the title. We have great kids, obedient kids, and fun kids. But with parents who tend to be on the micro manager side, they haven't had a lot of opportunity to develop initiative and responsibility.

    Although our four children are great, we as parents have clearly held on to responsibility in areas that should have already passed to them. Accountable Kids has given our children the tools to understand expectations, show initiative, and be empowered as valuable members of a household. We don't execute the program perfectly, but it is visible, concrete, and flexible. Our kids love the concreteness of the chore cards and progress board (lists just don't cut it in our home).

    Our kids waited in excited anticipation for our kits to be delivered. When they arrived, they were more excited than we were. We cleared the dining room table and they all painted them. Each child's personality shows in their boards!

    Letting kids fail is a key element of the program and fail they did! It took some discipline on OUR part to follow through and be consistent and let the system work. We are getting into a groove now and enjoying the fruits. Our kids are finally becoming more responsible and independent, not to mention I do a lot less nagging! Our home is definitely more peaceful.

    The Kolby Family
    Puyallup, WA

    2009 Convention Schedule

    During a time of uncertainty, we feel fortunate to be able to expand our conference schedule and continue to share Accountable Kids with so many people. We have an incredible team that works hard each year to bring Accountable Kids to families across the nation. We encourage you to visit us at one of our locations and check out our new products. If you have an event you would like us to consider, please send us the information. Hope to see you in 2009!!!

    Just A Thought

    If you are going to doubt something, doubt your limits.
    - Unknown

    It is going to be a great day!

    Little Helper Aprons

    Announcing the arrival of our Little Helper Aprons! Now your little helper can have a special apron for art projects, helping in the kitchen, and working around the home. Our little Helper Aprons are handmade from recycled denim and will hold up to any work project. Each apron has adjustable straps to grow with your child. Three sizes and colors available.

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