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February 2006


Dear Traci,

Welcome to the February issue of Accountable Kids. This is a great month to give your family a hug and take time to help them feel loved. Each day you have the choice to make a difference. Make it a great month!

In this issue...

·  Family of the Month - The Leinart's
·  To Give or Not to Give
·  On the Road Again
·  Q & A
·  Just a Thought

To Give or Not to Give

As a marriage and family therapist, one of the most disturbing characteristics I encounter with adolescents is entitlement. Entitlement is not only the most common character trait among struggling adolescents it is also one of the most destructive to family relationships. Entitlement is a precursor to many more serious problems such as oppositional defiance and conduct disorder. It is rare that I treat an adolescent with substance abuse problems who does not also have serious entitlement issues. Many parents ask me, “How did we get here?” or “How did my child get to be like this?”. These parents are heartbroken to find after all they have done for their children, they have an adolescent who is distant, demanding, and disrespectful. Many parents feel victimized by their child’s behaviors but fail to realize...


On the Road Again

The new year is upon us, and we are getting ready to begin our 2006 conference tour. This year we will be visiting new areas to attend homeschool conferences, women's expos, ADHD conventions, gift shows, parent groups, speaking engagements, church gatherings, and school presentations. If you would like Accountable Kids to visit your area contact us and maybe we can add one just for you! We look forward to seeing you in 2006! Check out the link to see if Accountable Kids is coming your way.

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Q & A

Q: We have been using the Accountable Kids system in our home for the last year. It is working great, but I am still not sure how to use the Privilege Pass. What is the difference between the Privilege Pass and Ticket? A: Tickets are earned by completing basic chores and can be lost as a consequence for displaying negative behaviors, where the Privilege Pass is earned for displaying a specific positive behavior within a predetermined time frame. The Privilege Pass is a special type of Ticket that is earned once a day and used to enjoy an extra special privilege that a normal ticket does not afford. Typically the Privilege Pass is used to focus on a behavior that occurs once a day, but if you decide to use the Privilege Pass to focus on something that happens throughout the day such as whining, fighting, or arguing, we suggest selecting a small time frame within the day to work on that behavior. You want your child to know when the pass has been earned and avoid vague parameters. The Privilege Pass is a great tool that empowers kids to focus on replacing negative behaviors with positive character traits. You may find that you do not use this tool all of the time, but only when you want to focus on something specific.

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Just a Thought

If I had eight hours to cut down a tree, I'd spend six hours sharpening my ax. - Abraham Lincoln


It is going to be a great day!


Family of the Month - The Leinart's


"I can't believe the immediate change in my two children 8 and 7. I purchased the program with hopes of more consistency in training first for me, and then my children. But the program has actually motivated my children to...



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