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February 2007


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  • Choosing the Right Chores

    Most parents underestimate their children's abilities to help in the home. It can be easy to forget that a child who has mastered a complicated computer game can easily manage using the dishwasher! Understanding a child's stage of development and choosing age appropriate jobs can help the entire family work together and maximize resources.

    It is recommended that parents review chapter three in the Accountable Kids book to determine the child's developmental stage before implementing these suggestions. Leaning and completing these chores can develop motivation, work ethic, life skills, and confidence during critical windows of development. Small children are capable of completing one or two simple extra jobs but as children get older, and more capable, they can handle a larger quantity of jobs, as well as those that are more complex.

    Ages 2 to 3: Help make bed, pick up toys, help feed pets, put clothes in hamper, wipe up messes, dust, mop small areas, pile books or magazines, lay out clothes for the next day self.

    Ages 4 to 5: Any of the above plus, make own bed, empty wastebaskets, bring in mail or newspaper, clear and set the table, help in the kitchen, dust, use hand-held vacuum to pick up crumbs, dress self, water flowers, unload utensils from dishwasher, wash plastic dishes at sink, help carry and put away groceries.

    Ages 6 to 8: Any of the above plus, fold and put away laundry, sweep floors, handle personal hygiene, set and clear table, prepare school lunch, take out trash, weed, rake leaves, keep bedroom tidy, pour own drinks, answer telephone.

    Ages 9 to 12: Any of the above plus, load dishwasher, vacuum, sweep, mop, cook simple foods, make own snacks, wash table after meals, sew buttons, run own bath, make own breakfast, peel vegetables, cook simple food (such as toast), walk pets, pack own suitcase, clean bathroom, operate washer and dryer.

    Ages 13 and up: Any of the above plus, unload dishwasher, do all laundry functions, wash windows, wash car, cook meals with supervision, iron clothes, baby-sit younger siblings (with adult in the home), clean out refrigerator, clean stove and oven, make grocery lists, mow lawn, clean kitchen, change bed, make cookies or cake from box mix, plan birthday party, have neighborhood job - such as pet care or yard work, or have a paper route.

    Book of the Month

    Tough Boris
    by Mem Fox
    Boris von der Borch is a mean, greedy old pirate -- tough as nails, through and through, like all pirates. Or is he? When a young boy sneaks onto Boris's ship, he discovers that the pirates aren't quite what he expected. This is a simple story that shows young readers that even rough and tough pirates cry when faced with difficult circumstances.

    Just A Thought

    Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
    Henry Ford

    It is going to be a great day!

    2007 Conference Schedule

    This year Accountable Kids will be attending new conferences, seminars, and expos. We are looking forward to the upcoming events and invite you to join us. Check out the link to see if Accountable Kids is coming to your area.

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