February 2008

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  • 2008 Conference Schedule
  • Standing Ovation Award
  • Great Products
  • Book of the Month: Cancer Rhymes With Dancer
  • Just A Thought

  • Standing Ovation Award

    Linda McCowan lives in a small town with her husband and four children. Last year Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her treatment and struggle with this devastating disease is not unusual, but her trials and obstacles led to something so amazing that her journey will help many other families.

    Great Products

    Each year Accountable Kids travels to numerous conventions, trade-shows, and expos where exceptional products are presented. One day I was sharing a great learning game with a friend and she said, "Where do you find these great things? You always discover amazing games, inspirational books, and learning tools". Last year we created a page on our website highlighting links to some of our favorite things, but we are expanding this page to offer testimonials, discounts, and descripitions of products. We love sharing our favorite things and passing on the savings to you. Enjoy!

    Book of the Month: Cancer Rhymes With Dancer

    A sweet insight for children of all ages--"Cancer Rhymes with Dancer" provides a unique overview of how a life can be affected by cancer. Full of fun illustrations and delightful text it is ideal for any home and school library.

    Just A Thought

    "Many things which cannot be overcome when they are together yield themselves up when taken little by little."
    - Plutarch

    Plutarch, the Greek historian who penned more than 46 anecdote-laced biographies of famous Greek and Roman figures in his Parallel Lives series of books, was more interested in exploring the influence of character on a man's personal destiny than in writing dry histories. He was born in Greece during Roman rule, most likely in the year 46. He traveled extensively through the Roman Empire, finally returning home to become a priest of Apollo at the Oracle of Delphi. He died in the year 120.

    It is going to be a great day!

    2008 Conference Schedule

    Our 2008 conference schedule is out! We have enjoyed meeting so many wonderful families and look forward to this year's schedule. To help meet the demands of a growing business, new members have joined our team. Our new representatives love sharing Accountable kids with others and look forward to meeting you.

    2008 Schedule
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