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March 2006

Dear Traci,

The snow is beginning to melt and the daffodils are starting to bloom. In many homes this time of year brings about spring cleaning. This can apply to tidying the house, but it can also be a time of dusting away old habits and creating a sparkle that comes from inside the heart. We hope our March newsletter helps you take your spring cleaning to a new level.

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  • Self-Esteem
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  • Self-Esteem

    Many parents have the preconception that parents give their children self-esteem. Positive self-esteem is a priceless gift that is earned. It is amazing to discover children who are intelligent, talented, and full of potential, yet lacking positive self-esteem. So how do children go about earning positive self- esteem? Children develop self-esteem through accomplishments. This does not need to be a death defying feat, nor does it entail an extraordinary heroic event. Self-esteem develops when...

    Family of the Month

    “Thank you for such a great program. We have used this program for over a year now and what a difference it has made. My eight year old at first said he hated it and would say, "I wish we didn't have boards and could go back to not doing anything." Even though our children did have normal jobs to do, we weren't great at making sure they all got done all the time and were not very consistent. This program has made us be consistent with them and they now love it. Our children have earned special dates and it has been wonderful to set aside that special time with them on a one-on-one basis. We always tried to do this, but busy lives and four children make it hard sometimes to juggle everything. Accountable Kids has been great to make us refocus on what's really important, which is our family. What a great program. We have told many friends about this program and they love it too”. Tonya Sahleen

    Q & A

    Q: The Tickets have been very effective, but as my children progress in the program I am finding that they do not lose or use them as much. Their negative behaviors have decreased, and they have learned to self monitor their ticketed activities. How do you suggest using the Tickets as my kids become more accountable? A: Tickets are initially used to reinforce the basics of the Accountable Kids program, but the concepts can be simplified as a child becomes more accountable. One way to handle this is to hang a ticket on the board and explain to your child that as long as the ticket is facing forward ticketed activities can be enjoyed. The card remains face forward as long as morning, afternoon, and evening chores are completed. If chores are not completed or if a negative behavior comes up, the ticket can be turned backwards. This can simplify the program for older kids and help transition the child from the board and cards to a day-timer, contracts, and agreements.

    Just a Thought

    “Children are living messages we send to a time we will never see.” Neil Postman

    It is going to be a great day!

    FREE Products

    Receiving free gifts from Accountable Kids has never been so easy. When you put together a Friends and Family group order, Accountable Kids will thank you with a free Family Forum Board, a free Mini Board, and $50 in merchandise credit. It is amazing how quickly your order comes together when everyone saves over 30%.

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