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March 2007


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  • Making Chores Fun
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  • Making Chores Fun

    Teaching your kids to complete chores is an essential part of their development. It gives them a sense of responsibility and contribution, which helps them grow into dependable adults, but doing chores doesnít have to be a chore. By turning cleaning into fun and games, your kids are off the couch, helping with housework, and having fun with the family. Here are a few tips to bring the fun back into your cleaning.
    1. Turn up the music. Create a fun environment when listening to fun music. Each time the song changes, children switch chores.
    2. Clean together. Working together in a group can be a lot more motivating. It helps children keep going to complete a task when they see others working too.
    3. Make it a game. See who can pick up ten things in one minute? Ask them how many toys can they can find outside? Have a pretend basketball game with dirty clothes. Make sock puppets for dusting and see whose puppet can get the dirtiest. Hide five spoons in various spots and see if your child can find them all by cleaning a room.
    4. Create a race. Cleaning the baseboards can be fun when two children race to see who can get their side of the room clean before mom cleans an entire room.
    4. Set a timer.Trying to beat the clock can create a lot of energy. Set the timer for a certain amount of time and race to beat the buzzer. Remind them to work quickly, but also do a good job.
    5. Take a break. Break up your children's chores and reward them throughout the process.

    Tip of the Month: Information at your fingertips

    Last year we attended a large convention where our kids attended day classes. When the children were enrolled, they received paper ID bracelets containing the parents' names and cell phones numbers. We decided it would be fun to have this information provided in a fun and colorful way so we created the Kids ID Tag. It is perfect for vacations, teaching children their addresses and phone number, or security measures. They can also be attached to backpacks, lunch boxes, or school folders. You will love the peace of mind that comes with your child having an ID tag.

    Book of the Month

    George loves Sylvia and Sylvia loves George, but neither is able to tell the other how they feel. George thinks he is too fat for Sylvia, and Sylvia believes she is too small and skinny for big, strong George. So, the two love-struck gorillas set about changing their appearances. Whether you are big, small, fat, or thin, this hilarious tale of love in the jungle is sure to appeal.

    Family of the Month

    I confess it took a great leap of faith for me to take the plunge and begin the Accountable Kids program. I have three children, Gabriel (9), Silas (6), and Eve (4). Both boys have Autism. Between the fine motor problems, the shorted out neurological connection between cause and effect, and the bizarre mix of sensory, communication and adaptive problems, I really had my doubts.
    The visual and concrete nature of the Accountable Kids program gave me courage to try. We donít execute the program perfectly, itís still evolving. Still, I find that it is extremely grounding to both boys. It is a real tool for helping them make sense of the world. It is also extremely flexible and adaptable, and that makes all the difference for us. The biggest benefit that I feel throughout the day is . . .

    Just a Thought

    "There are really only three types of people: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who say, "What happened?"
    Ann Landers

    It is going to be a great day!

    New Products for 2007

    We are excited to introduce our new line of products for 2007. Check out our To Go Kits, new Tee-shirts, ID Tags, and Family Key holders. Replacement Cards are now available on-line. Have fun shopping!

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