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April 2006


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  • Spring Savings
  • Invitation to Share
  • The Power of the Pillow
  • Family of the Month
  • Just a Thought

  • Invitation to Share

    Accountable Kids currently has an incredible support system that is available by phone, e-mail, or mail. We love hearing from you and invite you to contact us with your experiences, suggestions, tips, and questions. Your stories and involvement benefit families and help everyone grow and learn. We are also designing a new feature for our web site that will bring one-on-one help right to your home. Look for our new, weekly, on-line chat room where you can ask questions, share ideas, make suggestions, and discover new ways to maximize your efforts. We look forward to hearing from you!

    The Power of the Pillow

    Q: My three year old daughter is constantly getting out of bed. Do you have any suggestions on how to begin teaching a young child to go to bed without a constant battle? A: We just went through this situation with our youngest child, Sarah. We used the Privilege Pass in a hands-on way to help her break a negative cycle. Each night Sarah was given a Privilege Pass to put under her pillow. She learned that she could keep the pass as long as she stayed quietly in bed. If she had her Privilege Pass in the morning she could hang it on her Progress Board and use it for an extra privilege. Her bedtime is normally 7:30 p.m., but if she had a privilege pass she could stay up an extra half hour. The first night Sarah lost her pass and did not earn the privilege of staying up. The second night she was determined to stay in bed and keep her Privilege Pass under her pillow. She stayed in bed and actually fell asleep without constant reminders from us to get back in bed. In the morning we were able to praise her for her efforts and watch her proudly hang up her Privilege Pass on her board. She loved the reinforcement for staying in bed and began to realize that her choices had consequences. This has been an empowering experience for Sarah. She is learning self-discipline and developing positive behaviors. This approach has been so successful that our two older girls requested their Privilege Passes be put under their pillows too.

    Family of the Month

    Accountable Kids is a wonderful program. We have enjoyed the changes in our family, since we started using this program. Our biggest difference has been with the weekly family forum meetings. Our children look forward to this time because they know their opinions are listened too, and they have a part in the decision making process of some things. They come prepared with items they want to discuss, or activities they want to do. We enjoy getting things planned at the beginning of each week. Our children have learned that . . .

    Just a Thought

    “The most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” Hellen Keller

    It is going to be a great day!

    Spring Savings

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