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June 2006


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  • Time to Decorate!
  • Common Cents $$$
  • Tip of the Month: Summer Survival
  • Family of the Month
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  • Common Cents $$$

    Why should I pay my children to work around the house? Some may wonder why the Accountable Kids program incorporates earning money through the completion of extra chores. Why shouldn't our children simply do everything we ask them out of the goodness of their hearts? We answer this question with one of our own. Why don't we, as adults, get up and go to work every day without getting paid for it? The Accountable Kids program is intended to help children develop strong values and morals, but it is also a training ground for life. There are certain characteristics that are vital for future success . . .

    Tip of the Month: Summer Survival

    Summer is a time of family, fun, and spontaneity. There are family vacations to go on, places to explore, and pools to swim in. We have created a few suggestions to help your family continue to work together as a team and remain accountable throughout the lazy summer days.

    1. Continue to have a weekly family meeting. This can occur in the car while you are driving to your next summer adventure or fishing in a boat. Take a few minutes to call the meeting together. Talk about upcoming events, pay your kids for work completed during the week, set a time for earned special dates, and allocate responsibilities.
    2. Have a nightly “chart check”. Encourage you kids to tell you what they have earned. Ask your kids if they have earned any Tickets or Bonus Bucks and decide which child earned their star for the Special Date Card. If you are away from home, you can still talk about the day and discuss expectations and responsibilities for the next day.
    3. Create avenues to use Tickets and earn Bonus Bucks. This will maintain the program and continue to teach valuable life lessons. Continue to create value in the program by enforcing ticketed activities.

    Family of the Month

    We learned about this program over a year ago at my son’s elementary school. We use it daily and most importantly consistently! It has brought happiness, unity, and harmony back into our home. We don't have to fight about what and when things need to be done. My ten and four year old boys know how tickets are earned and why they are taken away. We have eliminated so many arguments. It has also provided time at the family forum meetings so we can become closer as a family. That is our favorite part. Without my family my journey through life is meaningless. Thank you so much, with all my heart, for this program. You have helped my family more then words can possibly explain. I recommend this program for anybody looking for structure and consistency. Cheryl Jensen St. George, UT

    Just a Thought

    “The price of greatness is responsibility” Winston Churchill

    It is going to be a great day!

    Time to Decorate!

    We would like to invite you to share your decorating ideas with Accountable Kids. Each month we receive pictures from families displaying their children's progress boards painted, stained, and stickered. Next month we will be highlighting these artistic creations and encourage you to join in the fun. The top five entries will receive a free Mini Board!!!

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