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July 2006


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  • The Results Are In
  • I Want it And I want it NOW!!
  • Tip Of The Month: Meet Me In The Bathroom
  • Family Of The Month: The Fullerton Family
  • Just A Thought

  • I Want it And I want it NOW!!

    We have fast food, instant credit, instant messaging, and high speed internet. Could it be that our society has become impatient? Our children hear how they can buy homes and cars with “little or no money down”, lose weight without effort, and look like a body builder in only twenty minutes a day. It is no wonder why children lack patience, work ethic, and the ability to delay gratification.

    Our children are growing up in a very fast paced and self-indulgent society. This definitely does not make it any easier for children to develop the already difficult traits of being hardworking and patient. As if it was not difficult enough for children to learn patience, throw into the mix our nano-second society, pulse pounding video games, and a dose of ADHD, and patience no longer seems like a valuable virtue to our children, but an unrealistic expectation. Instant gratification is the mantra of the day and goes hand in hand with the entitlement that is so prevalent in our society (which is not only limited to children).

    So how do we keep our children from becoming entitled and addicted to instant gratification? The best way to this principle can be found. . .

    Tip Of The Month: Meet Me In The Bathroom

    Our tip of the month comes from Lisa Whelchel (most of us know her as Blair from the Facts of Life TV series). Last weekend Accountable Kids was at a convention in California and we stole time away from our booth to hear her speak. She had many great tips on parenting, but one has been especially helpful in our home. Next time your child acts up say, “Meet me in the bathroom.” This provides an opportunity to accomplish many things. First, as your child is waiting in the bathroom, you have a few moments to take a deep breath and act instead of reacting to the behavior. Second, this provides a quiet moment to reflect on negative behavior. Last, it provides an opportunity for a parent to teach valuable lessons that can help develop altruistic character traits.

    Lisa used this time to look up a scripture or story to read to her child to inspire higher values and character development. I tried this technique and it was an amazing experience that provided me with an opportunity to do what I love most, teach my children. So next time you have a rough moment with your child, take a deep breath and say, “Meet me in the bathroom.”
    Traci Heaton

    Family Of The Month: The Fullerton Family

    My husband and I saw your Accountable Kids program recently at our Ohio Home School Convention, and I was so impressed with your product.... but because we have three children and obviously needed three kits and not just one, I decided that I could probably go home and come up with my own version and save ourselves some money.

    To make a long story short, as soon as I went to the craft store to buy the supplies I needed I realized I was in big trouble. Then on top of that, all the work I found myself in. I was so frustrated and mad at myself for not getting the kits. Not only have the ones I tried to make cost me more than if I had ordered them from Accountable Kids, but because I did not have the book and DVD on how to make the program work, I ended up with some boards and cards and not really a clue on how to use them effectively.

    So....after being completed drained from "my project", I humbly called accountable kids and ordered the kits, as I wish so badly I had done that from the beginning.

    Thanks Traci for making such a wonderful product and offering it at "such a fair price!!!" I guess we "live and learn"! We are so excited about using Accountable Kids in our home, and now I am just trying to forget about all the money I wasted trying to save money...hee hee!
    Tami Fullerton Little Hocking, OH

    Just A Thought

    “Be the change you want to see in the world.”
    Mahatma Gandhi

    It is going to be a great day!

    The Results Are In

    We want to thank those who shared their artistic designs with Accountable Kids. WOW!!! We really enjoyed seeing the different ways families customized their boards. We have posted the top creations on our web site for all to see and be inspired. Check it out; maybe it will give you an idea or two.

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