July 2010


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  • Visual Timers
  • Take Time
  • Just A Thought

  • Take Time

    This summer we were visiting an old church in Niagara Falls when we came across a business card with a great message. The words are a great reminder for everyday living. Hope you enjoy!

    Take time to think
    It is the source of all power
    Take time to play
    It is the secret of perpetual youth
    Take time to read
    It is the fountain of wisdom
    Take time to pray
    It is the greatest power on earth
    Take time to love and be loved
    It is a God given privilege
    Take time to be friendly
    It is the road to happiness
    Take time to laugh
    It is the music of the soul
    Take time to give
    It is too short a day to be selfish
    Take time to work
    It is the price of success
    Take time to do charity
    It is the key to heaven.

    Just A Thought

    Our children are beautiful, unique diamonds in the rough, full of potential yet requiring time and effort to reveal their full brilliance. Building character is a multifaceted task which takes time, patience, love, skill, and determination. The process of building character is something that can't be rushed. It requires balance and a well rounded approach. Each individual facet or character trait is an important part of the whole. Building character is not an easy task, but the reward is worth the time, patience, and effort.
    Rene Sundberg

    It is going to be a joyful day!

    Visual Timers

    Visual timers are a great way for your kids to see time in a new way! Kids can easily use these timers to help manage chores, tv time, computer time, and play time. The visual timers come in two sizes.

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