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  • Receive a $25 Gift Certificate

    Accountable Kids is excited to announce a new incentive programs for bloggers. For the past year we have offered a review rebate of up to 50% on orders to customers who blog about their Accountable Kids experience. This month we are introducing a new opportunity for our long term customers to blog about Accountable Kids and receive a $25 gift certificate. Accountable Kids continues to grow and expand through the kind words of others. This is just one way to thank our dedicated customers for sharing Accountable Kids.

    Garden in a Bucket

    To make gardening fun and accessible to kids, you need to make it personal. Here is a gardening project you can easily do with your own children. 'Garden in a Bucket' lets kids create a personal, private garden that they can carry with them, take care of, show off and enjoy. Even the shortest attention spans can create a masterpiece and then these junior gardeners can enjoy their Garden in a Bucket all summer. This also makes a fun project for a birthday party that kids can take home with them.

    10 Ways to Help Your Child Enjoy Gardening

    Most kids love to play in the dirt, so gardening has a built in advantage as a fun activity. To get young children enthused about having their own special garden, start small.

    Get them excited by letting them pick out what they will grow. A walk down the seed packet isle should tempt them with the pictures. Point them toward quick growing plants like, radishes, peas and cucumbers. Smaller children do best with large seeds like corn, beans, peas and sunflowers.

    If you want to help your child enjoy gardening, Accountable Kids has 10 suggestions to help.

    Just A Thought

    "It's difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato."
    Lewis Grizzard

    It is going to be a joyful day!

    Free Shipping for Friends and Family Group Orders

    Place a Friends and Family Group Order in July and shipping is on us. Sharing Accountable Kids with others has always been a great opportunity, but this month you can enjoy additional savings of free shipping. Contact your friends and family and see if you have enough interest to take advantage of this great deal.

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