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August 2006


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The Winning Team

familyLast week as I was sitting in the doctor’s office I became aware of all the people who contributed to the running of a professional organization. There was a system in place that allowed everyone to work as a team and freed up time for our doctor to maximize his time and talents. Just like our doctor, each parent has parenting gifts that can be passed along to a child when the time and opportunity are available. Parents who share their unique talents can shape a child’s heart to develop values, virtues, and a love for God. Unfortunately many parents spend valuable time cleaning, picking up, making meals, breaking up arguments, and reminding everyone of their responsibilities, leaving very little time to share parenting insights, wisdom, and gifts of the heart.

Our doctor had valuable talents that he shared with many people each day. He was able to share his gifts with numerous patients when his staff worked as a team. Imagine how few people he could help in one day if he personally took care of all the daily responsibilities necessary to run a practice. Each person has limited resources to draw on throughout the day. When the family is not functioning as a team, resources become very limited and talents are hidden under a mass of daily tasks.

Accountable Kids helps parents develop a system in the home where everyone is working together as a team. Parents learn to shift responsibility to kids so more time and energy are available for positive things. When children participate in the daily running of the home, it frees more time up for mom or dad to share their gifts and talents with their children.

The Accountable Kids program teaches children to accomplish tasks and then report back to mom or dad. This is similar to real life. In successful business, the top management does not micro manage all the workings of the company. Instead, a well developed system is in place, providing a system of reporting and monitoring progress. Each person plays an integral part of the team, allowing an avenue for maximum growth and development.

Today, take a look at how you are allocating your resources. Remember, you have precious gifts and talents to share with your children. Hopefully Accountable Kids can protect your resources so you can give the gifts of the heart to your children each day.

Tip Of The Month: The Advancing Teen


Accountable Kids is designed with the same parenting principles that successful adult live their lives by. It is one of the only programs that will expand and grow along with the developmental stages of your child. If you have a child that is nearing the teen years you can still use the Accountable Kids program, but consider shifting over to a written format when your child is ready for a day planner.

The Accountable Kids book has forms in the back of the book (also available on-line) that can be used to create a binder style agreement between parents and kids. Your teen still has basic chores to complete before enjoying privileges, extra jobs to earn money, and special dates to enjoy with mom or dad. The principles don’t change as your child grows, but the tools are simply modified to meet the developmental stage of your teen.

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Family Of The Month: The Knier Family

As my seven year old daughter was clearing the table tonight, she asked me where I got the Accountable Kids program. I told her I bought it at the homeschool convention. She said, "Oh, when I grow up I'm going to get this for my kids." I asked her why and she replied, "So I don't have to do all the work!"

Apparently everyone's noticed that I'm not doing all the work anymore. Thanks!

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“You've got to give great tools to small teams”.
Bill Gates


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