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Fall 2006


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  • Stormy Weather

    This past week Accountable Kids attended the national conference for Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (CHADD). This non-profit organization is dedicated to research, treatment, and support for individuals with AD/HD. This organization has led the way in providing information for families, schools, and professionals. We were so impressed with the synergy and dedication of this organization that we encourage you to learn more about CHADD by visiting their web site at www.chadd.com

    During the CHAD conference there were numerous presenters who discussed the importance of a multimodal approach in the treatment of AD/HD. The research offered that while both medication and behavioral treatment are both effective modes of management, the highest rate of success is achieved when . . .

    Tip Of The Month: Team Meal

    Do you feel overwhelmed at mealtimes and believe your children do not realize the work that goes into each meal. Implementing a new mealtime chore schedule can help create a team atmosphere and free up valuable time for everyone. Each child receives a chore card that pertained to mealtime such as setting the table, preparing the meal, doing dishes, and clearing the table. Parents can decide whether these mealtime jobs are extra chores or basic chores. Each week rotate the jobs so that each child can experience different responsibilities.

    Our Kids quickly become aware of the work that was required breakfast, lunch, and dinner by consistently participating at each meal. Now our children remind each other of their jobs and are excited to help and contribute. Even our little three- year old was learning new skills that helped her to feel good about the work she was doing. It was great to have the help and everyone started working together as a team. My children have learned that every person needs to contribute to mealtimes and it is easy to see when someone is falling behind in their responsibility. The best part is I have more time and energy to spend with my children doing fun activities. My children have a new level of appreciation for the work that goes into each meal and they are learning basic life lessons along the way.
    Traci Heaton

    Accountable Kids In Your Town

    Accountable Kids is looking at expanding the 2007 tour schedule to include personal visits with schools, churches, and individual groups. Accountable Kids attends numerous conventions nation wide. Scott and Traci Heaton are now available for interactive parenting workshops and hands-on demonstrations that transform parenting principles into real world solutions. If you would like Accountable Kids to come to your town please send us your idea and location so representative can contact you.

    Just A Thought

    “Your character is essentially the sum of your habits.”

    It is going to be a great day!

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