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A unique parenting program developing:

» Values
» Virtues
» Respect
» Integrity
» Direction
» Motivation
» Confidence
» Self-control
» Self-discipline
» Empowerment
» Responsibility
» Accountability

Accountable Kids Opportunities

Friends and family Group Orders

Accountable Kids now offers group savings when you share the Accountable Kids program with your friends and family. When a hostess puts together a group order of 20 kits or more everyone saves over 30%. In addition, Accountable Kids will thank the hostess with a rewards program valued at $75.00.

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Review Accountable Kids Products

Accountable Kids now has opportunities for bloggers. Whether you are a new customer or have been using Accountable Kids for years, writing a blogging review can earn you cash. Reviews are a great way to learn about a product! A good review lets customers know what to expect, the benefits of using a product, and highlights what makes a product unique. Our blogging incentives are just another way to say thank you to individuals sharing Accountable Kids with their friends and family.

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