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A unique parenting program developing:

» Values
» Virtues
» Respect
» Integrity
» Direction
» Motivation
» Confidence
» Self-control
» Self-discipline
» Empowerment
» Responsibility
» Accountability

Accountable Kids Kids Store

Kids Budget

Kids Budget

Helping you raise money smart kids. The kidbudget money system is a hands on learning tool to help you teach kids about money and teach important money skills. Kidbudget uses games, riddles, jokes, and fun activities to teach kids about money concepts. This system includes:

Workbook - 76 pages chock full of money learning fun.Step by step interactive learning that will teach your child 8 core money skills. 

4 Pouches - bright, durable, fun pouches that serve as “envelopes” for storing money as kids save for their goals. Time to graduate from the piggy bank and use a pouch for each goal. Unlike using a piggy bank, the pouches teach kids about money goals.

Wrist Band - A mass of silicone created with artificial color and poured into a mold. Dude, it’s a reminder band to help you think before you buy.

Money Bag - Their very own vault to have a place for all of their pouches, money, trackers, and workbook. No more wondering where the money got put. It’s all in ONE place.

The Kidbudget money system is adaptable to your family’s money values. The system is designed to teach kids about money by using the 8 core money skills plus: what is money, where does money come from, why it’s important to manage, as well as a bunch of fun facts about money.

But the “nuts and bolts” are up to you. You decide with your child how much money goes to each goal. You decide on the rules for when they can spend their money. You decide if they get paid for chores, get an allowance or need to put aside a certain amount of money in a savings account. This is why principle based learning is so powerful.

Price $ each

Time Timer

This innovative tool constantly reinforces the sense of elapsed time in order to promote better time management.  Your kids don’t need to focus on, or understand a traditional clock face to successfully use a Time Timer. Your kids can see time elapse as the Time Timer’s dial moves to show how much time is left.  Many families use this timer to help kids learn chore deadlines, set TV & computer time limits, establish time-out time limits, know when it is time to leave the house, or help kids know when an activity is starting.  The Time Timer helps parents teach time management in a fun, interactive manner.

Time Timer 3"

The small size and durable lightweight construction make it simple to carry for easy accessibility. During use, a clear cover protects the timer face or flips open to serve as a stand. Use a visual depiction only, or add sound to signal the end of a time segment.

Price $ each
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