Reminder Cards Graphic Suggested Uses
Clean room Bedroom Picking up room
Make Bed Bed made up Making bed
brush teeth Tooth brush, tooth paste, cup brushing teeth, flossing teeth
brush teeth Tooth brush, tooth paste, cup brushing teeth, flossing teeth
Bath Old fashioned tub with shower head Bathing, showering, washing up
Pick up toys Assortment of toys Clean room, clean playroom, pick up toys
Vitamins Two Bottles and pills Taking vitamins or medication
Get dressed Shirt, pants, sock, shoes Putting clothes on, laying clothes out
Hair Care Hair dryer, brush, and comb Doing hair
Pajamas Pajamas Putting on pj's, getting ready for bed
Dirty Clothes Dirty clothes in basket Putting dirty clothes in hamper, washing clothes
breakfast Plate with eggs, bacon & toast Eating breakfast, helping with breakfast, morning activity
Lunch Sandwich, milk, snack Eating lunch, helping with lunch, packing lunch for school, afternoon activity
Dinner Plate of spaghetti Eating dinner, helping with dinner, evening activity
Car Ride Picture of car Putting seatbelt on, good behavior in the car, getting ready to go in the car
Pet Care Assortment of animals Feeding, bathing, walking, maintenance
Mail Mail box bringing in mail or paper
Quiet Time Moon with night cap Spending time in a non- stimulating manner
Prayers Child kneeling down to pray Saying prayers
Church Church building Attending church, going to a spiritual activity
Scriptures Bible with oil lamp Reading religious material
Laundry Washer and dryer Washing clothes, folding clothes
Vacuum Picture of vacuum Vacuuming
Prepare Meals Food, pots, pans, utensils Preparing a meal, helping clean up
trash Inside garbage can Emptying the inside garbage cans
Flag American Flag Saying the pledge of allegiance, putting up flag
Plant Care Potted plants Watering or care of inside plants
Dust Duster Dusting the home
Mop Mop and water bucket Cleaning the floors
Sweep broom, dust pan Cleaning the floors
Yard work Rake, shovel, hose Weeding, mowing lawn, watering, care of garden, outside help
Clear Table Plate with food, pots, food plates Clearing table, washing dishes
Set Table Place setting Setting the table for a meal
Dishes Sink with bubbles, dishes Washing dishes or putting dishes in the dishwasher
Cleaning Spray bottle, rag, soap, cleaner Any type of cleaning
Clean Bathroom Bathroom with cleaning supplies Cleaning bathroom, tidying bathroom
Music Sheet of music with bluebird Practicing any type of music
Recycle Red arrows with recycled material in middle Putting recycled material in appropriate place, emptying recycle bins
Personal Items Coat rack with hat, shoes Putting away personal items , getting personal items ready for school
School Backpack with apple and book Setting out items for school, good report from school, putting school items away, bringing home school items
On Time Clock with numbers Getting up on time, going to bed on time, coming home on time, leaving the home on time
Reading Books Personal reading, homework
Homework Desk, computer, & books Completing homework
Lawn Care Lawn mower Mow lawn, edging, watering lawn
Shovel Snow Snowman and snow shovel Snow removal, wearing coat, bringing coat home from school.
Sun Protection Sun with glasses Putting sunscreen on, wearing hat or glasses
Helping Hands Heart with hands Helping others, community service, Extra Chores that do not receive pay
Morning Sunrise Multiple morning chores, good behavior for the morning, getting up without problems
Day Sun Multiple day chores or good behavior for the day
Evening Moon with stars Multiple evening chores, good behavior for the night, going to bed without problems
Blank Blank Parents Design their own cards
Blank Blank Parents Design their own cards
Blank Blank Parents Design their own cards