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A unique parenting program developing:

» Values
» Virtues
» Respect
» Integrity
» Direction
» Motivation
» Confidence
» Self-control
» Self-discipline
» Empowerment
» Responsibility
» Accountability

Accountable Kids Blog Reviews

Reviews are a great way to learn about a product. A good review lets customers know what to expect, showcases the benefits of using one of our products, and highlights what makes a product unique. Over the years we have received numerous requests to review the Accountable Kids program and we are excited to announce two new incentive programs for bloggers. If you are new to Accountable Kids you can save up to 50% on your initial order by blogging about your experience within 60 days. If you have been using Accountable Kids for more than one year, you are eligible to receive a $25 gift certificate for sharing your experience. This is just one way to thank our customers for sharing Accountable Kids with others.

Interested how Accountable Kids rates in the eyes of other parents, grandparents, and professionals? Check out these great blogging reviews.

5 starsAdriana Zoder
"The Accountable Kids program has helped me (1) prioritize and schedule chores, (2) motivate my children, (3) hold them accountable for their behavior, (4) reward them for positive behavior and (5) build a forum for addressing negative behavior. It is not just a chore chart, mind you.....Fast forward two more years. My kids are now 5 and 7. It is time for me to stop coaxing and reminding them about their cards. I am ready to make them more accountable for their behavior. They know what they have to do. I should not have to nag. So … it is time to get a second kit with another board. That way, they each are responsible for their pegs, for moving their cards and themselves through the day, and receiving their rewards accordingly.All in all, I highly recommend this program with a five-star rating, but please beware. The program only works if you work the program. Don’t be discouraged if at first you don’t succeed. Try, try again. It will all be worth it in the end."

5 starsSharra – Minnesota
Email Review
"There were lots of things I really liked about the program. I loved that they were able to be more motivated to do chores without me constantly nagging them. My older son who loves a system, really enjoyed the routine of flipping cards. The cards didn't last long in our house with two boys. The top hole tore on all of the cards and I ended up putting a toothpick along on the top and the re-enforced the card with duct tape. But then they were really hard to get on the pegs. Once the boys had the cards memorized, they stopped flipping them and then I had to start nagging again! Eventually we got out of using the system. I want to start again adding more responsibilities and getting my 3 year old started as well. My favorite part of the program is the helping hands portion. Hearing my kids say "What can I help with?" is music to my ears no matter how many times I hear it!! I love that it gives them a spirit of offering to help even though it is part of what is expected of them."

5 starsLeigh-Ellen – West Jerfferson, NC
"I knew that something needed to change and I was desperate for easier mornings. I came across Accountable Kids and immediately I knew that it could be helpful to us, and that my girls would enjoy it.I want to teach my children that they have responsibilities that must be done every day. They are a part of our family and must play a part in keeping our home in order. I believe that teaching them these life skills at an early age will set them up for success later on. Accountable Kids has made our job a little easier as parents, while providing a fun system for the kids. I highly recommend it!"

5 starsJennifer Holmstrom – Huntington Beach, Ca
"I love that the program is flexible for parents to determine what will work for their family...I feel the biggest benefit to using Accountable Kids has been the seamless parenting connection between me and my husband! Before using the program, Daniel would get home from work and he wouldn't know what we did that day or where we were in our routine. We would also struggle with standing together on rewards and discipline, because we didn't have a set system. Accountable Kids made it easy for us to create our household rules and initiate them. The girls are no longer receiving different answers from each parent and Daniel loves being included on the expectations and rewards system we use throughout the day."

5 starsNiki Kinder – Twin Falls, ID
"We have been very happy with the program. Emma grasped it very quickly. I think by the second or third day she was doing things without being asked. She does have to be gently reminded from time to time to check her Emma board and see what needs to be done. But it has helped me feel like I'm not constantly nagging at Emma to get do certain tasks, and it has completely ended the battle we were having over certain things."

4 starsJenny Nuzzo – Kissimmee, FL
"I really did not want a system that had to be super exact such as lunch at this time, clean room at another time. We don't work too well with that type of system. I love how it (Accountable Kids) just has a flow. Once the dishes and morning routine is done, then comes breakfast. It is more of a rhythm than a schedule. They also understand that they are a valued member of this family and that things such as screen time are a privilege, not a right. I love that everything is centralized and how much easier the day flows. I'm not the one nagging them to complete a task. They want to know if they can do something fun I just say "Accountable Kids" and they check to make sure they are up to where they should be and once they are, they have their own time. I'm not the bad guy anymore."

5 starsDeanna Jasper – California
"I wish I could show you the difference Accountable Kids has made in the overall atmosphere of our home. Eric and I were marveling the other night over what good attitudes everyone has and how responsible the older boys especially have become. I'm not sure I can put my finger on all the changes, but let me list of few: No nagging about specific chores. I rarely have to tell the kids "no" when they ask to watch a show, Smiles! My children have become much happier, I think because of being able to take charge of their own lives. I am amazed at the difference in one in particular, whose eyes just light up at being able to see what is expected and being able to do it without a grown-up being in control. Overall, our house is so much tidier than it ever has been, just because I don't have to nag the kids to pick up their things. And now that they have cards for things like sweeping and emptying the dishwasher, I feel like I'm not alone in trying to keep the household running. It's been SO nice"

5 starsChelsey Roberts – Calargy, AB Canada
"Eva was so excited to get our Accountable Kids stuff because her friend had already been using the program and told her all about it. She was so eager to get started and happily completed chores. We have seen a great success wither and it has been so awesome o watch her completing the tasks on her own without reminders. She carefully considers how she would like to spend her tickets and her time and realized shat if she doesn't complete her tasks, she won't get a ticket! I love not having to keep reminding her to do chores, as well as the routine this program has created in our home."

4 starsTracey Rezapour – Phoenixville, PA
"Overall the program has been fantastic for our family. Kaiden totally embraced the program right from the beginning and has been very excited to earn his tickets and stickers and do his extra chores. It has taken Madelyn a little more prodding to get moving on her chores. That said, it has been wonderful to have a place for her to go to so I don't have to keep telling her what she needs to do each day. When she asks, "what do I have to do?" I tell her, "Go to your chart and look at your cards."

5 starsMichelle Kiesewetter – South Jordan, UT
"The other part I like about the program is it has helped teach my kids to do their responsibilities then have fun. My kids tend to gravitate towards the tv and their game systems without constant supervision. After almost two months of the Accountable Kids program and they are now going to their boards themselves. They bring me a ticket when they have done their chores for that time period and ask for their break time. The program has a built in reward system. Both of my kids are highly motivated to earn their tickets and date night stars. We will soon be adding on paid jobs, something my 10 year old has been looking forward to. I no longer feel like I am thinking for them. I know what a disservice that was for my kids. I want them to learn to recognize what they need to be doing and be responsible people. Things are not perfect, but there is so much less stress and yelling in our family! On a scale of 1-5, I give this program a 5. I have read the book, watched the dvd and been able to implement the program even with the craziness of raising four kids (yes, we had another at Christmas). I feel like we can all step by step climb this ladder towards becoming more responsible. I also was very impressed that they have a section on their website to answer questions, if there are problems with the program, and they actually answer them. They are there for support."

5 starsLyndie Corley – Cullman, AL
"I'm just in awe of the transformation! I really didn't expect this to be a "help" to me. I thought they'd be doing a few chores... and in the end it would probably be more work for me. I can't tell you how happily surprised I am! My girls are knocking out chores and doing them well. Instead of creating more work, they're truly helping! And the pride my girls have is incredible! They're contributing, they're proving responsible, and their doing their jobs well! . . .I know this system was designed for children and to help them learn to be accountable, contributing family members. And it's doing that... my kids are learning. What I didn't expect, was what it's teaching me... that my girls can do more than I thought they could. That I had underestimated them. And it's making a closer-knit."

4.5 starsHeather Hejduk – Waldorf, MD
"Fritz gets a Privilege Pass if he stays in bed all night long. Before we started with this, he came into our room 6 out of 7 nights a week. Since we started the Privilege Pass, he has not come into our room in a month and a half! Adrian earns a Privilege Pass if he sits nicely at dinner. He earns it three or four times a week (which is a definite improvement). Both boys can turn in their Pass to have a story read to them."

4 starsTara Maynard – Greenwood Village, CO
"Each time we are at the supermarket and they ask for a toy or candy, my reply you have enough money to buy it? Genius, I am no longer a bad Mummy for not buying them everything they want. . . I have never seen my children so keen to do things that I have been nagging them to do. It totally took the stress out of the everyday. And they were even keen to do things that they never dreamt of doing before. e.g. bringing in the rubbish bin, HELLO, this has never happened before."

5 starsLeah Tribus – Chesapeake, VA
"My 5 year old is autistic. She is high functioning and her behavioral therapist didn't think she would be able to do the program because of her autism. She has amazed us all with how well she has done on the program. She requires a bit more reminding (i.e. she won't do chores past the morning ones if I don't reminder her to look at her chores) but overall she understands it really well."

5 starsKelsey Bullock - Fort Wayne, IN
"After reading about it (Accountable Kids), I was very intrigued and told my hubby that, "WE HAVE TO GET THIS!!" It seemed to be the answer to my questions, "How can we get our kids to take responsibility around here? Why do I have to pester them ALL THE TIME to even pick up their clothes? When will I ever be free to do something other than pick up after them?!" brad wasn't as easy of a sell. He wanted to make our own system. We used a chore chart for about 3 days before it got ripped down, forgotten, and left behind. He also told me I had to give the Dunaways a year (or so) to test it out for us to see if they still liked it after a year. I'm happy to report that they DO still use the system and are glad they have it!"

5 starsAmber Gager - Atco, NJ
"Each day, each one of my kids knows the things they are supposed to do without being bugged about it because it is already set on their peg. This gives them the ownership of the responsibility and helps to relieve me of my job of perpetual shepherd and nag-mom. . . Now they (my kids) are learning that many things, like TV, are privileges, and in life privileges must be earned. I really like that the requirements for earning these privileges are not difficult, but more just a responsible way to contribute to the household as they already should be doing."

4 starsAmanda Benton - Manassas, VA
"It's not just a "chore chart" which we've tried plenty of times before. It's almost a lifestyle change! . . .The boys are learning to serve others with the "Helping Hands" card, which requires them to go ask someone around the house if they need help. I love it, and they love how happy it makes me."

3 starsRandi Schmidt - Sabetha, KS
"I do like this system and I really like having my children do chores. Right now, I would rate the system as a 3 but with potential to be a 5. My kids are just young and strange in that they don't really ask to do things. . . There are a ton of chores on the chore cards to choose from: from taking out garbage or car care to doing homework or reading the Scriptures. I like that there are extra blank cards to personalize, too."

4 starsCarola Martinez - Lehi, Utah
"The system has really been worth the money. And most importantly, it's not a short term fix. You can continue to add new or different responsibilities and customize it to your child's age and needs."

5 starsKassie Anderson - New York
"So the basic idea behind this program is that you teach your kids to be independent and responsible for themselves and their choices.  They have to do it on their own and each family can tailor it to their needs."

4 starsAmy Bird - Kansas
"Like any other system that you may choose to implement, the changes that need to take place require time and patience before they are a routine. I will say that the built in rewards definitely helped my children with their excitement to participate with the Accountable Kids program."

5 starsStacy Friesen - Canada
"The program has different phases, so you don't jump in all at once. This has been great for our family, as the kids are at different levels, both socially, and physically.

I'm so glad that I have found Accountable Kids. There is no longer any question as to who does what, and when to do it. It is all very clear, and the kids know what is expected of them. I highly recommend this program for parents of small children. It really does help them to feel important, like part of the team, and like they have some control over what they do each day."

4 starsAllison Longueil - Canada
"This program has definitely helped my sanity. I think it's helpful for me, because it's a "no argue" method. The board, reminder cards and tickets are all there, in plain sight. No fighting about what needs to be done, etc."

5 starsLauren Powell - Citrus Heights, CA
"The main reason why I started the program is because there is so much that we need to/ want to get accomplished in any given day that doesn't happen if we waste time. With the accountable kids program the girls get through all of their responsiblities with more free time and more time to spend together as a family"

5 starsEmily Schmidt - Riverton, UT
"Now that we have this chore chart set up, she runs to the chart to see what she needs to do next and is SO excited to turn over each card. Before it was a battle to get her hair done and for her to eat her vitamins. But now she dances to the kitchen announcing it is now time for vitamins!"

5 starsAmanda Dunaway - Fort Wayne, IN
"What I discovered is that the kids have found security in their routines. They have been able to take pride in their belongs, home and self. The confidence I have seen in them is awesome. I didn't realize that how my nagging and yelling was keeping them from growing into a capable child."

4.5 starsChristina Rowley - Enumclaw, WA
"It has been wonderful! I no longer have to encourage them each step of each task."

3.8 starsCrystal Wiley - Hampton, GA
"This program is definitely moving things to a state of order in my home. It is very well laid out. VERY easy to understand and definitely has great potential to work with virtually any family. You will get out of this system what you put into it. If you're passionate and excited about it, your children will be as well. If you are consistent, then they will see you mean business."

5 starsSusan Milby - Morton, IL
"It is so much easier for the kids to do what is expected without my constant nagging, though we are still working on a few things - this program has helped greatly!"

5 starsAlison Owens - Pittsboro, NC
"Oh, and one last note: bedtime! Bedtime is becoming so much more pleasant. Since it is getting dark early now, right after dinner we go ahead and do our evening cards: cleaning up the toy mountains in the living room, bath time and teeth brushing. This has meant that we've had plenty of time in the evening to read stories and do fun stuff. No scurrying, no frustration when someone is pokey. No exasperation over little things. Last night, we spent our free hour playing Jenga with daddy "

5 starsTanya Pocino - Lawrenceville, GA
"Ok. Don't run away screaming. I know it looks overwhelming, but in reality, this is my new tool of peace! This system can be used from about age 4 to 15 in my opinion. All my kids picked up on everything very quickly. I have a 8,9,10, and 14 year old, and I think any one of them could have used the basic system as early as 3 or 4. Now, here is the amazing thing about this! This brings together ALL the things I've ever wanted to bring together to run the family into one easy to use and integrate system."

5 starsHeather Humecky - Athens, GA
"I will say the changes have been enormous, some easy, and some very hard. There are days that there are major melt downs, but those are becoming fewer and farther between. I am not perfect, it's not just a program for the kids, it helps me to be a better mom too. The hardest part has been on Grandma, she doesn't like to not have the TV on, but really it HAD to be done. Now my kids don't just veg in front of the TV, they read, they get their homework done, most of their chores, and are from what I can see happier. We are all more productive because the entitlement mentality has been removed."

5 starsKaty Fulkerson - San Antonio, TX
"Confession time...I am not the most organized person, especially when it comes to schedules, check lists, calendars, routines, cleaning, etc. The question is how does a person who probably struggles with some ADD tendencies herself come up with a plan to help her kids focus? After watching their video demo, I knew I had found the right solution for our family. We are all still a work in progress, but I will say we are all improving! I am SO THANKFUL for the Accoutability Kids program. No longer do I have to wake my 8 year old daughter and set out her clothes. She is up and going all on her own. The TV is hardly ever on. They both would rather use their tickets for other things, and often chose to leave the TV off! I've also noticed them helping each other and pitching in without even being asked."

5 starsStephanie Goldsmith - Round Rock, TX
"They can earn an allowance for doing chores outside the everyday scope and are beginning to grasp the concept of buying things for themselves after working for it. It's not rocket science but what I am realizing is that the creators of this program have really thought of everything! ~ Thanks, brigot"

5 starsLisa Stenz - Temecula, Ca
"My son said to me the other day, when I asked him if he finished his chores, 'You promised that you wouldn't bug us anymore once we started the program.' I told him that he was right and that I was sorry for nagging him. The biggest thrill for me was when he finished his chores and said to me, "Mommy, I think this program is working . . . I am excited to report that we have been on time everyday so far and the kids have actually done a fantastic job getting up, getting dressed, making their beds, brushing their teeth, asking for their vitamins, etc...all with a happy spirit."

5 starsElaine O'Leary - Warner Robins, GA
"Since we began using AK, roughly 6 weeks ago, our children have actually been excited about helping around the house. No longer haphazard, the children understand exactly what is expected of them and they understand which privileges they are working for."

5 starsKristin Cain - San Diego, CA
"I know this sounds too good to be true. But I am thrilled with what it has done for our family. There are certainly still challenges and we are currently working on the QUALITY of the work they are doing, but we are leaps and bounds where we were a month ago. The house seems more peaceful and more creative. "

5 starsCara Morton - Winston-Salem, NC
"We wanted our kids to learn early on how to be helpful, responsible, accountable, and the value of money. This program hits all those! Score! Plus, I needed a little help to keep the house tidy... win-win!"

5 starsCrystal Yannucciello - Nokomis, FL
"When I bought Accountable Kids I thought that it sounded like a great system but after using it I am blow away by how something so simple could change my family. My kids are doing almost the same chores that they did before, but it has completely changed their attitude while doing it. It has eliminated me telling my kids over and over."

5 starsApril Thornton - Byron, GA
"I just can't believe how different our day-to-day life has become. . . I can't really adequately put into words what a relief it is to end the day with a clean and orderly house and nothing really on my plate except to relax for a bit and then get to bed at a decent hour. I used to have to stay up until at least midnight just to get the "bare minimum" done. I used to have a mental to-do list that overwhelmed me pretty much all of the time. . . I didn't designate much to the boys, because it just seemed easier to do it myself than to interrupt their play and monitor them while they did the task. . . I no longer feel overwhelmed by my responsibilities- everything gets accomplished at the designated time, and it is a wonderful feeling."

5 starsKara Dawson - Greensboro, NC
"I cannot tell you how much easier this program has made my life! This is no joke, our mornings are stress-free and our days are so much smoother. Accountable Kids was designed with morals and values being at the core of its makeup.turning the "what" in regards to what's expected of little members of a household into more into the "why." It was evident after a while that parents and children everywhere could benefit tremendously from a program such as this."

5 starsMaria Stewart - Fruitland, MD
Chores were not getting done in the Stewart house and I was starting to scream...A LOT. And let's be frank, no Mommy likes screaming at her kids to pick up their toys, or put their dishes in the sink, or get in the tub, or get dressed, or...,or...,or...

5 starsEmily Freeman - Clovis, CA
Part 1
Part 2
"I assumed the program would not function while I was gone, but left the girls instructions to try to make it work if they could. Did they ever!! They both earned stars every single day. Dad brought them home from Grandma's late on Friday night and was somewhat dismayed to discover that they weren't going to bed until all of their bedtime jobs were done. Yay! "

"my girls were previously in the habit of doing most of these jobs. I really didn't add much and the program advises you to start small and then gradually add more jobs. The only thing this has changed is that there is now accountability and motivation for doing the jobs required."

5 starsKristin Nunnelly - Victor, IA
"My husband and I regularly fight over discipline techniques, consequences, what privileges are "allowed"... we just were completely NOT on the same page. When I did more research on this system, I discovered that it would be GREAT if it helped start our 2 young boys out on the track of being ACCOUNTABLE people...but it would be even BETTER if it could get us, as parents, on at least in the same CHAPTER."

5 starsJenn Duke - High Point, NC
"The boys actually enjoy doing their chores now. They are able to remember what needs to be done without me or Daddy-O saying it over and over again and best of all I don't feel like I have to constantly go behind them!"

5 starsSarah Ruch - Coon Rapids, MN
"Probably the one thing I love the most is the flexibility with this system. We are not really a "clean the bathroom every single day" kind of family. Once a week is good for us. So I was able to adjust how we use the cards in order to accommodate our weekend chores vs. weekday chores. I love it."

5 starsShiloh McKinnon - Mesa, AZ
"I also love that I am not constantly having to get after them to do their chores. There is definitely more peace in our home and I love that there is less yelling because the kids already know what the consequences are."

4 starsLindsey Fellars - Provo, UT
"I have seen many benefits from using this program. My kids love the structure of it and I love the flexibility of it. I can easily adapt it to meet our families needs. It is also fun to see my kids realize that they have responsibilities and that they are not entitled to everything."

5 starsSuzanne Cordeiro - Round Rock, TX
"At first glace, this looks like an expensive wooden board and a bunch of cards. However, after just a few days of using this program, my children were not only helping out more, but enjoying it!! My husband and I knew we were doing something wrong but didn't know how to fix it. The benefits from Accountable Kids are HUGE. Less nagging, happier children, less foot stomping, better attitudes, happy Mom!"

5 starsAshley Phipps - Westfield, IN

5 starsKristina Jackson - High Point, NC

4.5 starsKarli Winters - Hillsboro, OR

4 starsCheryl Van Wagenen Kenosha, WI

5 starsSonja Clark - Abbotsford, BC Canada

4 1/2 starsErin Davison- Melbourne, FL

4 1/2 starsKimberly Hill- Hamilton, MT

4 1/2 starsJennifer Currier - Anderson, IN

4 starsCailin Temple - Las Vegas, NV

5 starsLisa Wilburn - Rogers, AR

5 starsJennifer Lawson - Farmington, MN

5 starsDebbie Nissen, England

5 starsLinda Beltran - Plano, TX

5 starsConnie Struyk - Simi Valley, CA

5 starsLeslie & Jon Gomes - Thunder Bay, ON

5 starsChristy Owen - Blairsville, GA

5 starstracy Carrin - Covington, LA

5 starsJuventa Vezzani - Charles Town, WV

5 starsCourtney Moyer - Kissimmee, FL

4 StarsLori Barrett - Kendall, NY

5 starsbrittany Daw - Herriman, UT

5 starsAngela Smith - Lincoln, CA

5 starsCarmen Imes - Charlotte, NC

5 starsPricilla Dickinson - Aloha, OR

5 starsKimberly Holy - Richmond, KY

5 starsAmy Henn - Dubuque, IA

5 starsMeg Wilson - Anderson, SC

5 starsKerlina Vinyard

5 starsGina Graham - Orlando, FL


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